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Thomas Schäberle im IHK Magazin

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LSU Schäberle Qualität

Quality and Certificates

The strict regulations relating to certification for Quality Management Systems according to ISO 9001:2000 and Environmental Management 14001:2004 are consistently upheld in all areas of forwarding and logistics. Many leading companies in all sectors have been among our satisfied customers for many years because of this service quality. LSU Schäberle has met the SQAS Module Packaged Warehouse requirements since December 2006. This involves an extensive questionnaire containing several hundred questions, dealing not only with quality and

environment but also with safety at work and plant safety. SQAS is a subsidiary of CEFIC (European Chemical Association) and deals solely with the provision of services to the chemical industry.

Highest quality, optimal service and
reliability - these are our defined goals. And as a forward-looking family business we are committed to the latest technology, direct communication and up-to-date logistic methods.


zertifikat sqas

Iso 9001 Online


Iso 14001 Online

DEKRA Zertifikat DIN EN 16258


Innovation, efficiency and integrated strategies are needed if a smooth transport and logistic chain are to be guaranteed.

These are the points which clearly set LSU Schäberle apart from the majority of forwarders and logistic service providers.

Innovation Prize Dangerous Goods 2006

Innovationspreis Gefahrgut 2006

On the occasion of the 16. Munich Dangerous Goods Days, the innovation prize for Gefahr/gut 2006 (danger/good) was awarded to LSU Schäberle on 22. May 2006. Our new Oxy-Reduct-Warehouse-Concept was hereby recognized. Currently the only one of its kind for the storage of dangerous goods in Germany.
The jury judged LSU Schäberele’s oxygen reduced warehouse concept to be particularly worthy of commendation amongst all the applications received and so awarded the coveted Innovation Prize 2006.

Innovationspreis Gefahrgut 2006

Further proof of LSU Schäberle's dangerous goods expertise in forwarding and logistics. This shows that, for us, "innovation" is more than just a buzz word.

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Würth-Cooperation Prize
Transport and Logistics 2004

Innovationspreis Gefahrgut 2006

Innovationspreis Gefahrgut 2006

LSU Schäberle is the partner for Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG's new worldwide logistic strategy. Our "award-winning" services include export and procurement logistics for southern and eastern Europe.