Interview Thomas Schäberle on EU exhaust emissions for trucks ZDF-heute from 19.02.2019

Interview Thomas Schäberle on EU exhaust emissions for trucks ZDF-heute from 19.02.2019

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LSU Schäberle Gefahrgutlogistik

Dangerous Goods Logistics

Safe, experienced, on-the-move.

Safety concept for all classes of dangerous goods

We transport, store, commission and pack goods in all water pollution classes, flammable liquids and aerosols.

Our experienced team routinely manages warehousing and surface, sea and air forwarding.


Dangerous Goods Warehouse

Storage capacity for over 37.500 pallets
is available in our cutting edge innovative
dangerous goods warehouse in Stuttgart
for our customers in the chemical and
pharmaceutical industries.

Our dangerous goods warehouse
is approved according to:

Operational safety regulations
Federal Emission Control Act
Federal Water Act

The company is subject to the extended
responsibilities as laid out in the statutory
order on hazardous incidents (12. BlmSchV)
A comprehensive safety management system
ensures optimal protection for humans and
the environment.
LSU has successfully completed the
Assessment according to SQAS Packaged
Warehouse and is thereby qualified for the
Top-Class of Chemical Service Providers.

Innovative Fire Prevention

The start-up of the state-of-the-art dangerous
goods warehouse in 2005 provided new
storage capacity for 13.500 pallets.
This new, fully automated dangerous goods
warehouse is equipped with an Oxy-Reduct-
System. Operational reliability is constantly
monitored and guarantees 100% availability of
your warehouse stock.

The Oxy-Reduct-System completely rules out
the risk of fire and so also of damage caused
by extinguishing measures.
A further dangerous goods hall providing
storage capacity for 17.000 pallets is
equipped with a modern self-releasing
CO2 extinguishing system.